Company Introduction


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” Together with the professional laundry detergent company FINE TNC

/ We are Fine Technical & Chemicals, a professional company specializing in researching, developing and supplying detergents and laundry chemicals for laundromats.

Domestic laundromats have been unaware of proper detergents meeting specific purposes, and often have abused chemicals, all of which attributed to consumers’ complaints on quality of laundry service and accidents thereby leading to disgraceful consequences for laundromats and taking heavy tolls in economic terms.

In this sense, our company is doing our best to supply only the products which passed sufficient inspection initially from the development stage. Our goal is to be the most competitive producer in terms of product quality in order to provide laundromats with appropriate detergents.

FINE TNC tries to pursue the mission statement “Safer and cleaner” with every product we produce.

Moreover, we rather try to become laundromats’ partner through activities as “detergent consulting, laundry information service, laundry technique R&D” than to be mere detergent suppliers.

We ask for your support and attention.