Product information


Functional laundry detergent

Cleanrak. ect.

Tailored detergents for functions of clothing and specifications

Functional detergents

Functional detergents retaining functions and original forms as well as strong cleansing


Functions Laundry detergent
Liquid Neutral
Packaged 4L x 4 / 18L

Product specifications  

  • Detergents for no pre-treatment laundry
  • Highly concentrated dual detergent
  • Highly effective at stubborn, old, and oil stains
  • Safe and available for all water-cleaning laundry

Sneakers detergent

Functions Detergents for sneakers only
Liquid Neutral
Packaged 16L

Product specifications  

  • Free from discoloration, tarnishing, and recurring pollution
  • Deodorant and antibacterial function
  • Detergent of reduced and fast occurring bubbles as well as high-quality cleansing


Functions Detergent for outdoors
Liquid Neutral
Packaged 4L

Product specifications 

  • Special detergent to retain water repellency

Cleanrak-Any wash

Functions Detergent for sneakers
Liquid Neutral
Packaged 16L

Product specifications 

  • Detergent to safeguard fabric and color (special softening substance included)
  • Pachychromatic effect to keep color bright and sharp
  • PH balance to minimize fabric contraction (weak-alkaline detergent )