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[product application] how to use Superwash

2019-01-17 18:28
▒ Product specifications
High concentration, frugal detergent (use only 1/2 ~ 1/3 the amount of ordinary detergents)
Available for ordinary clothing as well as premium clothing
① Water-cleaning of pure wool or silk available
② Tarnish, stain, and odor of duck-down jumpers all removable
High washability of oil-soluble pollutants including cosmetics
Containing high-quality fabric softener, premium finishing
Liquid type, easily soluble, no laundry wastes. No use of fluorescent whitener and bleachers.

Instructions of use

1. Laundry
When doing water-cleaning with luxury fabrics (wool, silk, rayon)
Detergent solvent : automatic washer (Superwash 40ml / water 60l)
Cleaning duration: within 15 minutes recommended, 7-8 minutes for ordinary washers
Dehydrate: the shorter duration for dehydration the better, half-dehydration recommended
Dry: natural drying or 3-4 minutes of cold-wind drying with dryer

2. Wet-cleaning

Clothing vulnerable to harms or relatively less stained laundry
① Detergent solvent: wash bowl (Superwash 5ml / water 10l) Soak laundry in water, and then in detergent solvent for 5-10 minutes
Soak and shake, or gently rub to clean.

When doing water-cleaning with fabrics of weak color fastness
① Detergent solvent: washbowl (Superwash 5ml / acetic acid (99%) 6ml / water 10ml = pH 3~4)
Soak laundry in water, and then in detergent. Gently rub to clean. For excessive stains, put it on a washboard and gently rub it off.
② Rinse: rinse with pure water or alum-containing water.
③ Dehydrate: weak dehydration or press with towels to dehydrate
④ Dry: lay out and dry in shade. If colors are different, have the lighter color side face up to let it dry.

Water-cleaning laundry with excessive stains
① Detergent solvent: wash bowl (Superwash 40ml / hot water 10l)
In case of excessive stains, soak the laundry in the solvent for 5-10 minutes for chemical reaction and gently rub off stains.
② After use, the solvent can be put into washer.

If stains are not removed following the above instructions, it is possible that stains are of extraordinary types or have been ingrained to the significant extent, so certain stain removers should be used.

▒ when used as a pre-treatment agent

Pre-treatment of partial stains
① Detergent solvent: use diluted Superwash (1:10 or 1:1) according to the pollution level
Directly spray or apply the solvent on the tainted area. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Gently hand-clean or wet-clean.
② Initial stage of the removal of unknown stains or detergent solvent and instructions for water-soluble stains: same as the pre-treatment of partial stains as the above

▒ Caution

When doing water-cleaning with luxury clothing such as wool and silk, use washer lightly and for a short time. Wet-cleaning is safer.
Clothing vulnerable to discoloration is safe to be separated from other laundry for cleaning.