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[fabric dying] new functioning material nylon

2019-01-18 16:35
Natural materials such as Chinese yam, wool, cotton, and silk have been used for a long time as textile materials. Yam is said to have been used in China 8,000 years ago in Egypt, wool 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, cotton 5,000 years ago in Indus, and silk 4,700 years ago in China.

Compared to these natural fibers having a history of more than a few thousand years, synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester have a short history of about 50 years, and regenerated fibers such as rayon have a short history of about 100 years. Although synthetic fibers have many different characteristics, their shortcomings are of concern to humans that have been tamed in natural fibers for many years.

History of synthetic fiber is to add up characters of natural fiber. Multiple functions are added up for big changes.

Among these new endeavors is invention of functional material mainly used in clothing. Many are welcomed in leisure, sanitary or health industries.

To introduce them briefly, it is as follows.

There are many fabrics developed by polymers these days, and new items include functions added during dying and finishing stage. Some demanded functions include anti-polluion, waterproof, water-repellency and etc. There are some processings for sanitation and health as well.

Functions are categorized into convenience, sanitation, health, safety, beauty, and durability. All are included in