Product information




Dry-cleaning detergent

Dry Surf

FITI testing results have proven that the product is an antimicrobial dry-cleaning detergent which can reduce 99.9% of microbes, which can satisfy both laundromats and customers by “retaining original form of clothing, enabling hygienic washing and high-end finishing”.


Product specifications

Increased detergency of the solvent, increased detergency and trouble prevention attributed to water solubilization, fabric softening effect for softness and polishing of clothing, antistatic function for perfectly controlling static.


Functions Dry-cleaning detergent for oil
Ionic Negative ion
Packaged  4L x 4 / 18L


Functions Dry-cleaning detergent for oil
Ionic Positive ion
Packaged 4L x 4 / 18L


Functions Dry-cleaning detergent for hydrocarbon
Ionic Negative ion
Packaged 4L x 4 / 18L


Functions Dry-cleaning detergent for perchloroethylene
Ionic Weak-alkaline
Packaged 6L x 3


Functions Deoxidizer and deodorant for dry-cleaning solvents
Packaged 6L x 3

Product specifications

  • Removing fatty acids and odor of solvents
  • Purifying fatty acids to prevent clothing from graying
  • 100% natural substances, perfectly innocuous to clothing

How to dry-clean / DRY SURF


If changing detergents or using a new one, it is recommended to change filter in use and obtain a new solvent. Mixing up different types of detergents is inappropriate due to deteriotated balance of activators. In order to enjoy hygienic cleaning experience as well as to prevent troubles, proper level of filtration and moisturization should be checked on a regular basis.

pre-treatment of dry-cleaning
(pre-treatment of water-soluble pollution)

(stains of sweat, food, beverages, alcohol, fruit juice, and sodium)
Apply steam or spray water onto the polluted area and then spray or spread the pre-treatment “Freesol-dry”, lightly pat it with brush, and dry-clean.

Pre-treatment for
oily and non-soluble pollutants

(dust, tar, cosmetics, animal or plant oil, mineral oil, etc.)
Do not use water. Spray the pre-treatment “Freesol-dry”, pat it with prush lightly and then dry-clean.

How to deal with
dry-cleaning mistakes

making detergent solution (discoloration or reverse-pollution/employ under unduly circumstances) pure solvent 20L + drysurf 200ml + Rainbow-POG 200ml Put laundry into the above detergent solvent and shake it occasionally. Wash after approximately an hour.